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Descrambler and a cable descrambler box - A Cable TV decoder explained....!

Cable tv has been around since the 1950's. Yes that's right the 50's! It wasn't known as well as the infamous juke box scattered throughout homes and diners at the time, but soon enough a descrambler would be the modern day juke box. Just like the joy and entertainment the juke box was able to bring to many americans, the descrambler box would soon be its technological replacement decades and decades later. It all started with the advent of cable tv in itself as a concept of being a collective of channels brought to televisions throughout a whole city or communtiy. Cable tv back then was more of an experiment than a service. As the developers behind the creation of cable tv continued to pour effort into making something that can one day be available to the mass public; they continued to find networks to collaborate with in order to add stations to what would soon be a service they planned to offer. A cable descrambler or cable box would soon be the medium at the customers' end to be able to receive all the channels and/or programming that the cable tv company would transmit through the coaxial copper cable layed out just like phone lines. You see, the concept was simple since telecommunication companies had already done the blue printing and engineering to wire a neiborhood and city. This format is exactly what the cable tv service inventers would soon replicate with minor adjustments to transmit their signals to every home. By the 1970's a descrambler was still a distant thought. By the 1970's cable tv had emerged as a service that many citizens were able to acquire at differenct service levels of course. By this time the cable tv companies had acquired enough networks (channels) to be able to offer different levels of service to different household income backgrounds. Here's where the technical part comes into play. Since having been able to offer so many channels on different frequencies transmitted through the copper wires throughout towns and into homes, there needed to be a way to differentiate which household (customer) receives what group of channels depending on the level of service that they were subscribed to with the cable tv company. With the growing population already having aquired cable tv service, and the different interests among the overall population as to which channels they wanted as part of their service; A new technology had to be implemented to supply each home with the correct channels in which they were subscribed to. This was solved, or somewhat solved by scrambling and descrambling each respective line for each customer. You see, the only way the cable company could prevent everyone from receiving their whole array of channels was to scramble the frequencies of the channels they were not subscribed to on their respective line. This prevented customers that didn't pay for the whole array of channels offered by the cable tv company from receiving the whole onslaught programming being beamed into their home. Instead, the channels that customers were not subscribed to as part of their package, they would be scrambled, rendering them unviewable because the picture on the tv set was so distorted. Most homes were issued a cable box by the cable tv company. This was not considered a descrambler, yet.... As the cable industry grew and required more engineers to support the growth and expansion, more and more individuals were brought in to the cable tv technical underworld. In which to would know how exactly everything operated from the head end of the cable company to the user end (the customer). As times changed and the success of cable companies became corrupted with greed, soon some of the engineers that were fueling the operations behind the cable service fealt underpaid and unappreciated. It wasn't necessarily out of complete spite, but essentially just for personal satisfaction, some engineers were able to develop the circuit chip in a soon to be descrambler that reverses the function of the scrambling technology at the head end of the cable company. Viola! A descrambler was born. What happened was the engineers were able to take a regular cable tv box, or set top box as the cable company called it, and modify it by attaching one simple smart chip inside the cable box, in which they called a descrambler board. What this now did is when the tv set was turned to a channel that was scrambled for that given customer, by the press of a button they were able to descramble the picture to a normally working channel that they couldn't previously view. The descrambler board then became branded as an Avenger MX descrambler board to to distinguish a normal cable box from what the engineers had developed as a descrambler. The cable descrambler caught on like a forrest fire as disgruntled cable company employees decided to part ways and information leaked as to how, this cable descrambler could be a part of any subscribers home without anyone knowing. The descrambler became extremely popular all throughout the U.S. It especially became popular in those urban areas where cable tv lines were beaming channels into every one on every floor of every building of New York, New Jersey, Massachusettes, and Pennsylvania, just to name a few. Other states that later joined in popularity among descrambler users included Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Washington D.C., Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Illinois, Indiana, and California. To this day millions of people accross the US own a descrambler and continue to use one to justify the greed they believe the cable company monopoly is today. From information gathered across the industry, cable descramblers have become legal to own. There aren't many companies offering it these days , but out of the few we spoke to and verified the UltraLux FX company located at seems to be the overwhelming choice among cable customers of todays cable box and descrambler purchases. Buy yours today, and enjoy the freedom!

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