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The Ultralux FX is a descrambler,cable box, decoder, all in one unit. To verify exactly how it will work at your location, you connect the cable line from your wall to your tv, then go through every channel making sure you land on every channel 1-125, your tv set might skip scrambled channels when in fact you could be receiving these channels with the Ultralux FX.  If ANY of your channels have sub channels with dashes or decimals (for example 4-1, 4.1) you will need to use a different tv without a built in ATSC tuner. In case you aren't sure what a scrambled channel is click here.   Furthermore, after going through all your channels as described above, you then connect the Ultralux FX, the UltraLux FX will pick up whichever channels you already receive without any box plus receive all channels that are scrambled.  Channel lineups can vary from household to household, not ALL households are the same.  

What is a Cable Descrambler/Converter or Decoder?
A Descrambler/Converter or Decoder is a device that restores the picture and sound of a scrambled channel. In most cases using your own descrambler will allow you to receive ALL channels that are currently scrambled by the cable company. Cable companies usually rent addressable converters so that they may turn on premium channels you wish to purchase via a signal that you can't see or hear. Some people would rather buy their own box than rent one for every room in the house!

Will the Ultralux FX work with Comcast, Time Warner, Brighthouse, CableVision, Adelphia, Charter, Rogers, Net Serviços de Comunicacão, Cable Onda, Cabo Natal Via Cabo, ViaCabo, Itapema Televisão, Cox, or my local provider?
YES. Every cable company uses the same copper coaxial cable (technology) in which they feed their through your line.

How much is Shipping & Handling? What is the TOTAL price? How much is shipping to BRAZIL? Do you ship to any country?
FREE! Shipping and Handling is Free to any location in the world! The total price is $139.00 anywhere in the World! We ship to U.S.A. , Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Trinidad & Tobago, Puerto Rico, Panama, Columbia, Ecuador, Saipan, South Korea, All Virgin Islands, And More!

Are Descramblers Legal?
Yes. Descramblers are legal! If your cable TV company can posses and rent a box to you, then you can own the box yourself. When you buy a cable box it is your responsibility to inform the cable company that you are accessing their signal, since it is illegal to receive their transmission without paying for it. We don't encourage theft of cable service. Anyone implying theft of cable services will be denied sale.

Cable Television Consumer Protection and Competition Act of 1992:
The Federal Communications Commission has adopted a number of rules regarding cable television as required by the Cable Television Consumer Protection and Competition Act of 1992 (the "Cable Act"). You may view the FCC FAQ concerning this Act at:

In this text you will find that it says: "Cable operators may not prevent customers from using their own equipment if such equipment is technically compatible with the cable system." Here is an excerpt from the Telecommunications Act of 1996:
(a) COMMERCIAL AVAILABILITY OF EQUIPMENT USED TO ACCESS SERVICES PROVIDED BY MULTICHANNEL VIDEO PROGRAMMING DISTRIBUTORS- The commission shall, in consultation with appropriate industry standard-setting organizations, adopt regulations to assure the commercial availability, to the consumers of multichannel video programming and other services offered over multichannel video programming systems, of converter boxes, interactive communications equipment, and other equipment used by consumers to access multichannel video programming and other services offered over multichannel video programming systems, from manufacturers, retailers, and other vendors not affiliated with any multichannel video programming distributor."

So you should feel confident that it is perfectly legal to purchase and use a third party descrambler. Of course it's never legal to steal cable signals for which you have not paid. So to use descramblers legally you must inform the cable company that you can receive full service and should be charged for full access.

Can the Cable Company tell I'm using a descrambler?
NO. The cable company is not able to detect what device you are using.
Please be aware that the cable companies are still required to "broadcast" the analog cable signal (channels 1 to 125) on your cable system. So even if you currently have digital cable, you are likely receiving an analog signal on channels 1 to 125. Of course you will not be able to access the digital channels above 125, but you should be able to receive the analog programming with our current replacement cable boxes.

Most cable companies charge customers a premium to receive their digital cable service. If you do not want to pay this premium fee for digital service you can ask the cable company give you the "normal" analog cable service.

The thrilling UltraLux FX has arrived! This cable box descrambler/converter is the ABSOLUTE BEST and the ONLY true cable descrambler available. Every other unit on the market is not equipped with the Avenger MX board, the UltraLux FX cable descrambler is! This is what makes a true cable descrambler and what people have relied upon for decades. This cable descrambler also has been equipped with the absolute best pentium technology processor known. It has been configured by the manufacturer to be compatable throughout the United States, what more can we say.

We have customers with our products in virtually every county of the US as well. It is simply the only one in its class, with its technology driven design and incredible picture it is no wonder why this model has sold millions already. The UltraLux FX also comes with an infra-red remote control and a very user-friendly instruction manual!

The UltraLux FX universal cable descrambler box / universal cable descrambler are at rock bottom prices because we sell in bulk quantities as well as to the customer that is only looking to purchase a single cable descrambler. To those that are interested in reselling the ultralux cable descrambler, the more you buy, the more you save. There currently isn't any other companies that can sell you a universal cable descrambler box or even propose universal cable descrambler prices lower than ours because our units come direct from the manufacturer not the typical midle man or even middle men looking to make a profit which consequently raises your prices. No need to wait, purchase today via our convenient Buy It Now Button at the top of the page. Perhaps, you've come to our site because you know someone that owns the UltraLux FX cable descrambler, if that's the case you've come to the right place, this is the one stop shop to owning your own universal cable descrambler box. Dealers and future dealers alike, you can order as many universal cable descramblers as you would like for you or other companies and individuals, because our units are simply the only left in there class. Many countries such as Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, Columbia, and Canada are growing rapidly with UltraLux FX customers. If you are looking for a good deal and you want to purchase in bulk, purchase the Ultralux FX universal cable descrambler. Again, dealers can start selling their own cable TV descrambler box, the more you buy from another comapny the better discount you will receive here now. Also, we are not only limited to the countries mentioned above, we can ship to any country.

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