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The UltraLux FX descrambler will replace ALL of the Media Tech 2200 cable boxes/descramblers in the list here:

The thrilling UltraLux FX has arrived! This cable box descrambler/converter is the ABSOLUTE BEST and the ONLY true cable descrambler available. Every other unit on the market is not equipped with the Avenger MX board, the UltraLux FX cable descrambler is! This is what makes a true cable descrambler and what people have relied upon for decades. This cable descrambler also has been equipped with the absolute best pentium technology processor known. It has been configured by the manufacturer to be compatable throughout the United States, what more can we say.

We have customers with our products in virtually every county of the US as well. It is simply the only one in its class, with its technology driven design and incredible picture it is no wonder why this model has sold millions already. The UltraLux FX also comes with an infra-red remote control and a very user-friendly instruction manual!


The UltraLux FX universal cable descrambler box / universal cable descrambler are at rock bottom prices because we sell in bulk quantities as well as to the customer that is only looking to purchase a single cable descrambler. To those that are interested in reselling the ultralux cable descrambler, the more you buy, the more you save. There currently isn't any other companies that can sell you a universal cable descrambler box or even propose universal cable descrambler prices lower than ours because our units come direct from the manufacturer not the typical midle man or even middle men looking to make a profit which consequently raises your prices. No need to wait, purchase today via our convenient Buy It Now Button at the top of the page. Perhaps, you've come to our site because you know someone that owns the UltraLux FX cable descrambler, if that's the case you've come to the right place, this is the one stop shop to owning your own universal cable descrambler box. Dealers and future dealers alike, you can order as many universal cable descramblers as you would like for you or other companies and individuals, because our units are simply the only left in there class. Many countries such as Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, Columbia, and Canada are growing rapidly with UltraLux FX customers. If you are looking for a good deal and you want to purchase in bulk, purchase the Ultralux FX universal cable descrambler. Again, dealers can start selling their own cable TV descrambler box, the more you buy from another comapny the better discount you will receive here now. Also, we are not only limited to the countries mentioned above, we can ship to any country.

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